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BLFC Final

It's the day after...  We arrived home around 16:00 yesterday. The drive was pretty easy considering half the people on the road should not be there. The giant red sofa (Dodge Grand Caravan) we inherited when my Mother could no longer drive is not my favorite choice in large vehicles but it can hold a lot and is very comfortable. We were unpacked within an hour or two and by the end of the day the laundry done and most everything put away.

My overall feelings for BLFC are it was just another con. There were no real standouts that made it better or worse than any other. I got to spend a bit more time with some people because of the less than interesting panels or scheduling so that was a plus. The food was more expensive or as expensive as some of the most expensive cons I have attended. The rooms were the most expensive. For a casino which usually have cheap food and rooms I don't think the con is leveraging it's weight enough to drive down prices down, or they are reaping the windfall; I doubt we will know either way. I don't care for the endless halls but I do appreciate the open spaces in the bowls of the hotel. The dance music was so un-suit friendly every time I attended that I quit trying. This seems to be the theme across most cons now; I do miss the days of DJ Rory. The final link to the 1,301 con photos are here.

I watched the Apple WWDC keynote yesterday after getting unpacked and I do believe there is a iMac Pro in my future. Should I go with 8 or 18 cores and definiatly 128GB ECC RAM. With my current 8 year old iMac on the fritzs and doing all my work on a 9 year old MacBook it's time.

For today, I have done our bills and my mother's. Investments are looking good even with the small down yesterday which allowed me to buy at a bargain. It's currently 71F with a high 93F expected. No rain expected but partly cloudy on Thursday. The high for the next ten days looks to be 97F. I took today off as I have an abundance of vacation. The contractor is to arrive today and we will continue on Mother's apartment in an attempt to have it move-in ready by mid June. I will also do some programming to the home automation/security system to adjust for the new apartment.

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Royal Albert Hall, London
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BLFC Day Four
We woke up about the same time as growlcoon wanted to get a good breakfast and to do that you need to get there early. Down to the Grand Cafe we were seated right away. Good to see they can deviate from the menu.  Back at the room I was not feeling like cruzing the con so hung out in the room while growl headed down to check out the art show and dealer's den. I kept receiving messages from so many random people that I had met at the con I decided to head out myself for a bit. I never even saw Growl in my tour of both upper and lower areas. I did meet a few freinds and have some fun chats.  Back at the room around 11 and growl was stil not there so I finished editing photos until he arrived. We mostly hung out, drying our undergear for the suits and organizing as each night after desuiting the room looks like a few furries met up for a quickie with stuff everywhere.

overzen and his mate Tenex messaged and wanted to do dinner so we met them at the elevator down stairs and went to the Grand Cafe. The special, a turkey meal was pretty tasty but they neglected to tell us it was bone bits in. After dinner we all headed off in seperate directions. Growl and I to the art show and them to get suited up. Later in suit, Growl and I attended the inapproiate fursuit games where we met our good and very funny freind scruff_e_coyote. We watched the games for a bit then headed off to the dance. On the way we picked up a very cute green coyote named cyanide. I must say the music before the dance started was rather good and progressivly got worse to degrading into rap an hour or so into it. We gave up and headed back to the room, having lost our green yote to a very sexy and very tall female avaian.

My feelings for the con are the same, organization is their weak point as is keeping to the schedule. However the suplimental food options are a plus and a good idea.
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2005:12:07 20:43:46

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BLFC Day Two
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I got up early growlcoon was later. Ultimately we got out of the room close to 10 but the lines of the restaurants were ridiculous. We headed back up to the room and made a breakfast out of snacks we had brought with us. We didn't get into suit until later in the day when they had the group photo and the fiesta. After an hour so I got out of suit so that I could take pictures of growl in his waggs suit as he had not had a chance to have many photos.

Overall the day was not very eventful, we met a few friends in our tours of the endless halls of this event. One, our very good friend rukario71, came up to the room and we chatted for an hour or so and washed him a very happy birthday. It was probably after midnight again when we finally got to bed. I started the latest photos uploading which took nearly all night.

For so many people attending it does not feel it until you go to eat. It also feels like the percentage of suits to attendees is pretty small. So far my only gripe is probably the price of the food and the fact that the venue seems to be all halls. It's good that they open up the main rooms to meet and play. In a few of the events, particularly the group photo a bit more organization and sticking to the timetable would help. My biggest grip is not con related, but for those lazy people who can't wait to get to a private area before taking their head off.

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Day one at BLFC
Well I was up early as usual, editing photos from the previous day and checking out the financial news which has been pretty great investment wise this week. growlcoon was still sleeping. Around 10:00 we went to breakfast which in Reno is different from other gambling cities with the food being pretty expensive. We met rukario71, a good friend who sat with us and chatted a bit. Later back at the room I got into suit with Growl playing the part of my personal paparazzi. It was fun cruising around making people smile and getting photos of all the really fantastic suits. I also noticed a number of suits getting pretty bold with the exposure, maybe that was what that comment by VN Creations on twitter was all about. I uploaded several hundred to the website for your viewing pleasure (link above).

We received a message from overzen about the massive crowd at unloading and check-in. We offered to help but they choose the smart route of using the bell hop. Later we got together with them and had something to eat at Johnny Rockets. After we ended getting split up with growl and I going back to the room. More photo editing then back in suit. The dance while in a huge space was pretty pathetic; people mostly standing around with the music, as in the past few cons, having no focus on dancing. One would think the DJ would look at the floor and see that something different needs to be done. We ditched the dance and went back to the area outside and played with the cardboard buildings and giant dice. Afterwords more chatting with friends and of course photos. I think we got back to the room and cleaned up around 1am this morning.

So far the con is about on par with most American ones with the one complaint of the venue having serious limits as it is all hallways with no suiting in the casino proper. The organization has been pretty good with the usual cluster in registration.

It's day two now and yesterdays photos are going up to the website.

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A very flexible fur

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my very good friends timduru, rukario71.

See ya around...

As usual it's been some time
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Lots have gone on since my last post. Trip to NFC in Sweden and the best con I have attended yet. We are definitely going back next year. Mother's apartment in what was my theater and office is coming along. Expect it to be move-in ready in about three weeks.

Right now we are in room 1865 here at BLFC. Drove up this afternoon after packing and taking mother to the pediatrist. We walked the hotel to get a sense of the places and spaces; almost suited up but decided to wait until tomorrow. I started the upload of photos to the server here.

Hope to see you all this weekend.

The other day I was with a friend and a third friend happened by. We sat and talked a bit before heading on our separate ways. Once we were alone again my friend tells me that the friend we just met works as a garbage truck driver. The first thing I thought to myself was my Grandfather telling me that he did that and he thought it was a fantastic job. Back in the day when you met each customer and they would give you gifts. Not to mention that the pay was great. So back to the present and my friend continuing with how terrible it must be to collect peoples garbage. Now this friend who is telling me this actually does not work. I relate to him my Grandfathers words, then I asked him how is it he can criticize someone who is working, and not just in any job, but a critical one that's absolutely necessary for our societies health and welfare. A job that allows him to buy a house for he and his family. How can he criticize while not working himself. He seemed miffed and we dropped it and went on with our day.

I hear a lot of criticism of other peoples jobs. I must admit I have done it myself but mostly to motivate someone to do better. Burger King is not a living wage job, it's not supposed to be, it's a training job. However it is a job and the one working it is being a productive part of society. With so many not being a productive part of society in any way usually being the ones that criticize or complain the most. Just stop and think before making that comment about someone's livelihood. Is it worth making them feel bad to make yourself feel better?

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Radjin walking the yellow brick road at Children's Fairyland, Oakland CA
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The Con badge shuffle
At FC on a Sunday I was wondering around in suit within the dealers area. I've been watching one particular both as the artwork seemed to fit my character. I finally decided to pull the trigger and commission a con batch. At $60-$65 I thought it a bit steep but it seemed to be the going rate for any decent badge. growlcoon and Nilsyn we're walking around with me and met me at the booth. When we first got there a gentleman was covering the booth who is not the artist but he was taking information. Halfway through that the artist arrived. She completed our information. I solicited suggestions on what type of badge and she suggested a waist up. I went with that, Growl paid and we asked for a receipt. We were told that a receipt would be mailed to the email address I gave them which I then confirmed. Just before we left, a little on the concerned side, I again asked for some sort of receipt. Again I was told that it would be emailed to us along with any questions that the artist may have. But as of today I have not heard from the artist and I have not received my receipt. I will state, and I'm sure you agree, that I should've never left without insisting on some sort of receipt. I spent the last week or so trying to determine the name of the artist who is in the location in the west dealers room. The location is number 46. I have contacted other dealers, I've contacted con staff and the answers are, "all the positions were mixed up" so no one could definitively tell me who the artist was in number 46. I was finally able to get an artist who would tell me who they thought was in that position so I wrote them today. I guess there's not a lot I can do if I do get a hold of the artist and they insisted they did not take my commission even though they did take my money.

The moral of the story is, always get a receipt. Do not leave the store, the booth, your grandmothers; if you trade money, get a receipt.

EDIT: I finally with the help of the FC staff get in contact with the artists. I learned another lesson, never get a badge at a con. Too expensive, the artists is too distracted to listen to you or even get your email address right, and forget about getting your character the way you see him. They go home and draw what they think he should look like.

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2015:10:01 13:31:48
Our location in the U.K. on September 1, 2015 at 1:31pm.

badwox chairoraccoon kryphos

I'm up, are you?
Yeah, here I am again. It's 03:46 and I have been up for about an hour. The wind is howling and it is raining. More random musings as I have finished the bills, my weekly review of investments and catching up on the social sites I monitor.

The new Kluft beds are really comfortable but like anything new it's taking time to adjust. I do like how solid they are with almost no movement when the other side moves; almost as if they are attached to the floor.

I had a final meet with the contractor who is going to build Mom's apartment. He will begin work next Saturday and progress on weekends as fill-in. This allows me time to work with Mom on what she wants for cabinets, furnishings and flooring. Like any project it feels like chaos until it starts coming together. If all goes as planned Mom's house should be on the market before June. If it sells fast, as most in her neighborhood have, she should be sitting on a giant pile of tax-free cash by August that she can do anything she wants with. That with her pension and SSA will keep her in the upper-middle-class for the rest of her life; as it should be for someone in their 70's who worked and paid taxes for 40 years.

Today I meet with Bryan, my mechanic and contact with the DMV, to get my name added to the Mom's van. As she cannot drive it's the only way to insure it. Not a bad thing as it is the perfect fursuit/con machine and rides like a giant, overstuffed sofa with a mini bus/wearhouse attached.

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The London Bridge - Not quite as nice as the older version we have in Lake Havasu, below.
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2006:06:06 12:58:20

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Local fur event - Bowling
A Likeshine con badge
Well at the very last minuet last night we learn of a local fur event here in town. The Central Valley furs had arranged bowling at the McHenry bowling center. We debated and decided to attend.

It was a well organized affair with a dedicated room; registration and payment for everything at one time. I can't remember any of the names but here is a link to the photos we took. The bowling alley was packed and we had four lanes to ourselves. A total of 50 people showed and I am guessing 10-15 were suits. growlcoon, Nilsyn and I took the van and Growl's and mine suits. Nilsyn took the photos and was our handeler. We stayed until almost 2am but had to get back for early morning activites of our own at home. It's good to see there is an organized group of a decent size near by.

Today the new Kluft bed arrives. Of course it has to be complicated with arriving at the time same time we are coodrinating getting hair cuts; so we run to the salon in a relay tag-team. We got up early, tore the old bed apart, cleaned, vaccuumed and dusted for the new.  I as am wiring this I get a call that they are 5 minuelts away so time to cut this short. The beds arrived shortly after and it took less then thirty minuets to be installed.

Later I took a nap on the new bed and it was hard to tear myself off to go get dinner.


Punishing someone or something for a completely unrelated action.
What is the deal with some people? Someone shoots someone and the gun manufacturer get the blame with lawsuits and vandalism. A president gets elected by all the laws we hold dear and suddenly people who had nothing to do with it are being punished; taxi companies stranding people in New York, protesters in cities vandalizing and destroying private property, attacking people, blocking traffic and businesses and emergency services. That is like going home and kicking the dog because you had a bad day at work; assuming you do work. What do these people accomplish with their despicable actions? For all these protesters know the people whom they are attacking may have voted against the sitting president. These people must have a mental deficiency and should be evaluated and perhaps put away. If they don't then they need to go to jail. It's likely few of them have a job anyway so we would still be paying for them. Their acts of destruction and the hurting of people are done to get attention, isn't that exactly what terrorist do?

There are ways to protest something you do not like, but none of them include affecting any other person, business, or service; the innocent should not be affected in any way. If a protest blocks an emergency vehicle and the injured inside dies because of the delay, are the protesters guilty of murder? I say yes, and those responsible should be punished for such.

None of what is going on will affect anything but the innocent. Let's get it together people, use some common decency and show a little respect towards each other. Don't burn down your neighbors house becuase your party did not get elected or the duly elected does something you do not like.

What happened to the pen is mightier than the sword?

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Aku and two others in Suhl East Germany during Eurofurance 13.
2007:09:05 19:29:00

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