Radjin (radjin) wrote,

It's time to pull out those wallets

No, not for me, I have my own horde. This is for someone who has for the past ten years been at the center of the furry fandom in sometimes an almost silent way. He has born the burden of keeping it all running, and made many personal sacrifices to do so. Now, on the dawn of his 10th year in fandom, it's time we pay him back, or at least bear the burden with him.

I am talking about timduru. Currently, he maintains two servers, one here in the States and one in France to keep both continents supplied with the furry content we have become accustomed to seeing. Some of them are listed here:

fursuit archive
database (My own invention built by Timduru)
animal archive
fursuit tv (including shows like the different pawpet shows streaming relays and many more)

There are a lot of us here in fandom, and if we all chip in a little it could be less than the costs of one egg McMuffin breakfast to support this great service all year.

Here's a challenge to you all. I am committing one month to the Timduru project. Press the little button below and give up just a little cash to the most sexy of Meerkats. All you thousands of furs have to do is spread the other eleven months between you.

Come on, you don't need to supersize it; go small, it's better for you anyway. Give the change to our little guy and keep the servers running.

*** Feel free to link this post to as many places as you feel if will do good ***
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