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A bit of a rant

I posted a few days ago about helping someone share the burden of keeping the fandom in many great on line things, http://radjin.livejournal.com/124768.html.

If you watch almost everyone’s LJ you will find rarely do positive posts get many comments while negative ones get a lot. Are we feeding the negative posts and ignoring the ones that have something positive to say?

Should I have started out the post above with how I feel like killing myself because if we don't support for this cause all my paw pet shows will be cancelled?

If that is what it takes to help, timduru out then please take it that way. But I am not going to kill myself as I am having way too much fun and I can take heart in the fact that I did contribute myself 1/12 of his yearly costs, and will do so again if my close friend needs it.

Maybe he should go pay-per-view...
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