Radjin (radjin) wrote,

A few catch ups for those who care

eBay relist
I had to relist my laptop because the person who bought it was a fraud. That had accessed another person’s PayPal account and had paid me the funds and asked I change my shipping to an address in Indonesia. Here is the re-listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260238808664

The house
On the home front, as I write this a crew is hammering and talking and banging on the other side of my office wall. Today is cement day for the library addition. Bringing up the foundation to match the house, and removal of the old sliding door to the atrium. Can’t construction be nice and quiet on my day off? They finished around 1415 and now I need to run out to the tile store to see if they can match my original tile. Crosses any body parts that will do so. Of course they do not have my tile any longer. Time to be creative.

After the break-in and loss of a lot of my stuff including my camera, I started researching for another. Everyone knows the old Sony I had, but it took fantastic photos every time with only one glitch, it was slow to charge the flash when the battery got low. I had been in thinking for a while about a new camera. Well after much research I decided not to go with an SLR. Now I know all the arguments, you can’t change lenses, bla bla bla. Here is my reasoning. I do not want to change lenses; I wanted a camera that would take decent video, I wanted one with a tilt display so I can hold it over my head, or at waste level, and I wanted light weight and durable. I don’t follow the logic that hard core SLR lovers tell me, “You are not looking at the real image without an SLR, so how can you tell what you’re shooting? My logic is that you are getting a more true picture of what your camera is recording (key word here as we are using electronics to record an image rather then emulsion to effect) and if you look through a mirror at your subject and not use the electronics, you have no idea how your electronics are going to interpret the image and record it. So without an SLR you are seeing with your camera’s brain instead of its one eye, and seeing the image you’re going to get. Now I am not bashing all the SLR fans, I was once one myself with Film, but I don’t see the logic or the needed expense with digital. That out of the way, what I did buy was the Sony H50/B. The “B” is for black. I will let you do your own research on what is best for you, and I still need to shoot a lot of photos and video to form my own opinion of the camera. I did get a 16GB high speed storage card with it, so not longer going to run out of room.

The web site
People have been hounding me to put it back, but as I am rebuilding it slowly to make better since instead of the mess I had before it’s taking a while. Anyone good at building a really cool, fast, and smooth site? The images are all taken care of through a database from Gallery2 so that will not be an issue. The address is the same, http://radjin.net. The slowly populating gallery is within that. I hope to place my full sized images in the gallery soon. Well, full sized meaning 1024. I see no reason to go bigger. There will also be public albums in the gallery where you can upload your Radjin sightings. You will have to log in to do so though.
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