Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Albuquerque August 22-26

Hi all, I wanted to put out a request and a notice. The notice - I will be in Albuquerque NM, August 22 - 26. I found out last week that a lot of my family will be there which leaves me with little or no room but a floor in my Grandmother’s little place.

The request - Would anyone who happens to live or will be in that city have a place to crash. I’m cuddly, sweet, kind, and will be very appreciative if someone were to offer a comfortable place for the dragon to sleep during those dates. I have done Grandma’s floor too many times.

Another notice – I will be in Las Vegas August 26 – 29. Anyone wanting to meet up for a meal or other fun times just let me know.

Is that little radjin icon soomethign or what?
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