Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Making travel plans again this year

I have started my usual yearly travel planning. The major trip is to the UK and Ireland this summer for 28 days. As always it's nice to meet friends in these places so below are listed where I will be and the approximate dates.

May 15-17 - Boston
May 18-24 - the UK, Manchester area
May 25-26 - UK, London
May 27-29 - UK, Wales
May 30-June 3 - Ireland, Dublin area
June 4-5 - Boston again

If you live in these areas or are or willing to travel to them, let me know, it will be nice to see old and new friends.

I will post my next trips down the road a bit when they are more solid on dates. But expect them to be New Mexico and possibly Denver in August and then my usual New Years trip somewhere. Suggestions anyone?


Feel it, Drink it, Share it ~ Monavie
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