Radjin (radjin) wrote,

The city of Cork Ireland

Just returned from the City of Cork Ireland.

There I saw Castle Blarney and the famous stone so many lips have touched. It’s all very commercial and seams strange to me that they would put such a stone brought all the way from Scotland in an unlikely place for all to kiss. Castle Blarney, one of many and the second Castle I visited on this trip to be practically destroyed by Cromwell in his rage against organized religion is the centerpiece of the second largest city in Ireland.

• Other facts I perhaps should have known and missed were that the Titanic last set anchor two miles out of the city as they could not enter the bay itself. It’s from this city that all the immigrants to America were packed aboard just before it sank due to an iceberg.

• Prisoners to be shipped to Australia were also processed and packed in ships from a small island in the middle of the Bay of Cork.

• And the first immigrant to be processed through Ellis Island New York boarded a ship from the city of Cork. Her name was Annie Moore. She was given $10 and allowed free access to the streets of New York for the honor.

The vacation continues…
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