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I think were back

Last night Growl and I had a talk about the whole furry thing of which we have been on the fringe if not totally absent for some time. We both enjoy it but life has been pulling us in too many ways. After pulling out the suits and seeing what sort of condition they are in and placing them on the bed posts for grooming (more than once someone said this is creapy) I think it's safe to say we are back. We may make the next two closer cons depending on if we can get reservations. So who knows, you may see us there.

On another note: I reimagined (a Disney term) my website that has been stalled for some time. Slowly I will have all my past con photos on line again.

On a third note: I started a journal on my website that offers a lot more customization and control in case LJ goes belly up. I am not sure if anyone will even bother so if you care let me know in either place. Eventually I will choose either LJ or my own.

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