Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Missing photos

I was perusing past LJ entries this morning and nearly fell out of bed laughing at some of tilt_longtail. Some people are just natural born entertainers. What I did notice is missing photos or bad links. Kind of defeats the pourpose of having a journal if in a few years your links break. This again puts me in the quandary of weather to use LJ or my own or perhaps another service. When I use LJ all my photos will be from my own website and unless I keep a video there I am at the mercy of whatever service my video is linked to. Using LJ makes it easy for people to keep track of each other although most seem to have moved on to other services.

That is another question; are there better services, what do the furs use? Are we each choosing a different one so that friends have to go to multiple places to keep track of each other?

Just a subject for debate...

By the way, thanks Tilt for putting that song in my head.

Edit - I started going back to my archives here and correcting links to my photos on LJ so they work again. growlcoon says it made my old entry pop up as if it was just written. Sorry if I spammed anyone with a 12 year old post.
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