Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Con Photos are all back up, I think.

You know how your going along just fine until something makes you stop and go through everything you have collected. Those of you that have moved after being in one place for years know what I mean. How in the hell did I get all this stuff in that small house. I can't get it into the new house that is over twice as big. Well while I don't have the space problem with my photos I did realize what a massive project it is to find photos in my collection of, now get this... are you sitting down? 258,000 photos taken over 40 years. If not for Apple's new Photos app that takes photos with the correct information and collects them into locations, years and faces I would have spent weeks finding anything. I can see it's time to better organize my albums.

The point of all this prattle is I have all the photos of all the fur events I have attended now back on-line except of course the fur meets as those are in people's houses. If you find a photo of you or your suit you do not want posted, tell me the image name and album and I will remove it. If you have con photos you would like posted, send them my way. One thing I do ask is that your photos have the correct date and time in the Exif data so all posted photos will be placed in order and have the correct calendar links. If the info is not right then at least tell me when they were taken as I can modify.

And yes, it is all backed up locally and remotely.
Tags: cons, fur suits, photos
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