Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Working from home

Woke up this morning and decided to work from home. It's a cold 31˚F outside and frost everywhere. I know those of you that live with feet of snow are laughing at the weather report; to us here in California, that's cold. The heat pumps have cycled from heat to defrost all night.

So here I am at home in my sweats having already completed two call-in meetings and dispensed with some 150 new emails generated between Thursday evening and now. Been a quiet weekend with only 7 text messages and two calls. Next meeting is a few hours away so time to jump on growlcoon's elliptical for a 500 calorie burn as I don't have the plant and it's 30' stairs to run today. Gotta complete my rings...

edit: I watched an episode of Lucifer and ended up going a bit over my goal, not complaining. I did notice that the show is an ad platform for Microsoft Surface. I wonder how many backups they keep handy or put fake screens on? Ever notice when Apple is in a movie or tv show you never see any mention in the credits. That's because the production buys them to appeal to people who they value with the money to buy such equipment. The credits in Lucifer have Microsoft listed so they are paying a lot to get their product shown.
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