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I started writing this some months ago but I held off posting to see how the new equipment worked. I must say I am more then surprised by just how well it does work.

For the past few years I have been fighting with my home network, dead spots, slow wireless connection buying extenders and ending up running cables to almost every room. While the cables solved the problem for devices that took such there was still the wireless issue. Finally I read an article comparing consumer grade equipment to commercial and there was no comparison. Now changing ones entire network in a house this large is not something one does lightly so I started by purchasing a UniFi wireless access point (by Ubiquiti), the long range version. Once I figured out the setup, basically installing a service on your computer then clicking a button to open a web page, which was very easy I turned off all the radios on my existing router and extenders. I now have nearly full speed net of around 180Mbs anywhere in the house and good speed most places outside. With one wireless access point there is less interference from other radios so less jumping from one access point to another. With that astounding change I immediately purchased the UniFi Security Gateway ( a router + also by Ubiquiti) and replaced my current Apple Airport Extreme. Setup was even easier as I already had the service installed and opened a webpage to find the device waiting to be configured. In 30 minuets or so it was all back running, including the proper port forwarding and some extra security the commercial grade units allow. I just did my first software upgrade and restart after 51 days of continuous use without a single glitch.

I seriously doubt that I will ever go back to consumer grade equipment. The total costs for both components, about $189. The costs of my old equipment still sold today, $500. If your in the market for new or upgraded equipment then look to commercial grade stuff. Avoid the old names like Netgear, TP-Link, D-Link, Belkin, LinkSys, Medialink and others, they are all consumer grade junk at hugely inflated prices. Not to mention most consumer grade stuff is open to the latest attacks in the news now. I must say though, good on Apple for their stuff not being affected by the latest few hacks.

No, I'm not paid by Ubiquiti, it just happens to be the equipment I choose after researching all the available equipment that would make sense for a home. But if they wanted to kick some my way I might even put a photo :o}

Ok, back to work...
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