Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Welcome to the shortest day of the year.

Yup, we've hit bottom in hours of daylight that is. We can collectively say it's all up from here.

So what does this mean for those who are less space savvy, and believe me they exist. I was riding with coworker at night on the way home and he mentioned that the stars are so clear it's like we could touch them, "I wonder what they are" he says. I tell him, "they are suns like ours, most much bigger" he says "no way, look how small they are". I rolled my eyes, yes but they're very, very far away". I'm still not totally sure he believed me. Anyway I diverge from my subject. Look here for the definition of solstice. In our case today, a winter solstice. Ironically the earth is closer to the sun now then it will be during the summer solstice by about two million miles. Yup we are all heavy commuters in Earthly terms. Sitting on a spinning globe each of us is traveling in a circle at just under 1,000MPH at the equator; slower if you are north or south of it; feel dizzy yet? At the same time we are traveling an average of 67,000MPH as we orbit the Sun. Our solar system is also moving at about 43,000MPH roughly in the direction of the star Vega, and of course our galaxy is spinning around at about 483,000MPH at our location within it. The galaxy is also moving through space at an astounding 1.3 million miles per hour roughly in the direction of the constellations Leo and Virgo. My two million miles of driving in my lifetime seems like nothing.

What's all this space technobabble about you ask? I just thought it a good a time as any to wish everyone, in my geeky engineering mind driven way, a fruitful, positive new season. I have met many people who have earned my love or my wrath. But each of us are a small part of the universe so it can know itself. No matter our color or fur or lack thereof, we are all from the same source and will return there. Solstice is a change in direction, and change is what the universe is all about. Christmas is coming and I know it brings depression for many but hope is always in the air. There is always light at the end of the tunnel or at least a hug from your anchent bipedal red and white dragon friend.

Tags: galaxy, hugs, space, speed, time
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