Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Custom CSS

This morning I got up early as is normal and went downstairs to the office letting those upstairs sleep. I was perusing LiveJournal and when I got back to my own I found again I did not like the theme so I changed it and kept changing it but nothing was working. Finally, I started looking at customizing the theme rather than changing it and at the bottom it had a box labeled custom CSS. I had heard the term before having played with web page design for years but never really got into it. CSS for those of you that, like me, know just enough about web design to be dangerous, is the language of describing how a page looks; fonts, colors, justification, alignment, case transformation etc. I did some research on the web and in about thirty minuets was able to customize my LJ to look how I wanted. CSS is really pretty easy with commands like:

body {
background-color: #800000;

That 800000 by the way is the secret color code of my scales, not really that secret as any color picker will tell you, but you get the gist. Isn't the internet amazing; you can teach yourself to customize a web page or find the perfect porn.

Feeling accomplished I think I will go read a book.

Oh, before I go I would like to wish the following a very happy birthday:
firedhusky - rjtremor - wildwolf4paws.

Tags: css webpage design
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