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To those that mark this as a special day that is. To those that don't then Happy Day to you.

Here it is, another Christmas. While you are reading this I am making the breakfast that my father always made this time of year. There is only Mother and Brother left as Father left us in April last year after a three month fight with cancer. growlcoon my husband of almost 13 years will be there of course as will Nills our roommate. There will be no gifts traded, only the time together, more precious than anything.

We failed to find the time to put up lights outside this year and inside are only my Grandmother's ceramic tree and a Santa on a motorcycle from Mother, a reference to our owning BMW motorcycles. Breakfast will be sliced pepper bacon, thick sliced ham, bacon fried eggs, sliced and fried linguisa, biscuits and waffles with the family's home made chocolate syrup (grandmother's recipe).

I remember the days when we would go to my Grandmother's on my Mom's side for Christmas Eve and see that side of the family to trade gifts and eat. Christmas Morning we would get up, open gifts and Dad would make breakfast like above, then late morning we would go to my Grandmother's on Dad's side and see the family there to trade gifts. It was a time I really looked forward to each year.

I am grateful to have known you, my LJ friends, both in real life and on-line and even more so to this small family to spend time with, as like everything, time runs out and I plan to make the most of it.

Here's wishing everyone I have met, loved or warred with a pleasant day and that they find themselves in the warm company of those they love.

I know there are a couple of friends with birthdays today (sucks to be them :o}) but LJ is refusing to give me the birthday list. So to those a very Happy Birthday.

Tags: christmas, family, food, love
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