Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Automotive TLC

I'm up early as usual. Later this morning I am heading to Tracy and Gingerwolf's place. He's my mechanic and keeps the old car purring along. At 261k and still getting 45+ MPG Gingerwolf must be doing something right. If anyone is in or near the area and wants to hit us up for lunch you have my contact or message one of us.

The day turned out a bit longer than expected. Arrived at 08:50. I followed Gingerwolf to the transmission shop to drop off an Expedition he was donating to an animal rehab center in Chico. Back at his house he changed the engine oil and filter, transmission oil, checked the cooling system, looked for a rattle at low idle, changed two break slides checked and lubed the other two as one was sticking on the last checkup. He noticed that both new front struts he replaced on the last maintenence were leaking. We went out to lunch and called the parts house to have them look up the struts purchase and see if they had replacements.

growlcoon my hubby had told me that an acquaintance of his chairoraccoon was also in Tracy and sent me his information. I found him on Twitter and we messaged back and forth through the day.

After lunch we picked up the struts and drove back to the house to replace. While removing the right front wheel we broke a lug bolt, fought with that for a bit then replaced the struts and boxed the old for return. Back to the parts house to return the old struts and buy new lug bolts and nuts. Then we looked at the trunk lid. I opened it from the inside release a year or so ago and the wind caught it and slammed it full open. It broke two welds and since has been hard to close. Decided not much we could do about it at the moment as it was getting dark and were freezing so would plan a fix for the next maintenance.

So two things moved to the next maintenance, the trunk lid and the replacement of the broken driving light and install of HID bulbs as the lights did not come in on time.

Thanks Gingerwolf, for all your hard work.

Ouch! I seem to have pulled a muscle in my back...
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