Radjin (radjin) wrote,

What is with 2016 is a bad year thing?

I have been reading on Twitter and here at LiveJournal how bad 2016 was or still is in this case. This actor died or that actor died, this person was elected president. Come on people, it was another year like any year. Why does the negatives of the year have to outweigh the just as many positives?

Ok so we had a terrible election that was pretty much an embarrassment in front of the world. But if you look at elections in other countries, some are just as bad. The great part was it's some good entertainment that you just couldn't make up and it costs you nothing to watch. Those of you bemoaning Trump winning should relax, the world will not end, gay rights will not stop, marriages will not be revoked, and I bet there will be just as many furry cons. Don't you just love how all the leaders of the world are flocking to meet Trump and make deals even before he is president? For those of you with investments that you keep in play, it has been a fantastic year with some of us earning as much as 35%; now that is some good ssss...stuff...

This actor died or that furry died. Yes, they all die and everyone will die at some point. But what they did will live on forever. They left their mark and as is always the case will likely become that much more famous and their families and managers could make billions from your tributes. Please don't cry their deaths, celebrate their lives and be thankful for what they did. What do you think they would want; what would you want?

So people please wipe those tears and move on. It's just another year, and there will be another after that. There will always be good and bad, births and deaths but none of it matters as much as how we each live our lives. If you choose to live in the darkness and see only sad or evil in everything you will be unhappy all your days. When it is dark look up at the beautiful starts, they are there. The endless possibilities of the universe are calling...

"Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted" ~ Spock

"Be a candle, or be the night" ~ Yoda

Tags: death, life, possibilities, spock, trump, universe
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