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Media server

Today I looked at the media server and it just passed 6TB's of data. When you think of it, that is pretty amazing. I remember when I bought my first hard drive, a whopping 128MB for $1,100. Looking on the interwebs I see 10TB for $349. My college bought a 10MB plater drive, some 14" in diameter and 10 disks deep that fit into a device about the size of a washing machine for $50,000.

What am I doing with 6TB of media? Well mostly it is my iTunes library. Hundreds of moves, thousands of episodes of TV shows, hundreds of GB's of music. No advertisements, no trailers just touch a few buttons and get pure digital enjoyment. With every service putting on data caps, having a library instead of streaming everything is the way to go. We still do stream when we can't own, have no desire to see it again, it's not available or watching the news. But the media library offers other benefits. We can watch when the net goes out and no lagging or waiting to buffer. Currently we have four TV's and can stream four different things without a hitch thanks to this Dragon's forward thinking.

Or stream the same thing to two different TV's; one wonders why that would happen, but one night we were laying in bed and started talking about the same movie we had just watched. I had watched it down in the theater and growlcoon had watched it at the same time up in his office. That is as bad as text messaging from room to room. One would think a married couple of almost 13 years would be a bit better informed of the what the other is doing.

Anyway, using CAT 6e cable we don't get interference and can move massive files to each other as fast as you can click and drag. The new network equipment I installed has resolved all the wireless issues as well.

Being a cautious dragon when it comes to my files, every bit of data is redundant to where I can hold a button on boot and switch drives should I have a failure. On top of that every bit is backed up off-site. Every drive is encrypted and logging in requires a sentence of some 30 characters. I chose a sentence because once you get used to it you can type it as fast as any password and it's so much more secure. The server is backed up by a UPS that should last about 5 hours.

I am curious though; how do others store their media, or do they stream exclusively?

Tags: media server, movies, network, tv
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