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Home Anniversary

Greeting all,

  It's anniversary time again here at our home. Purchased 31-December-2013 we signed the papers at 09:03 and began moving in. Determined to sleep in the new house and wake up on the new year we moved the master suite first. We didn't get it all moved as there is the merchant chest weighing in around 500 pounds that was professionally moved later, but we did get most of the bedroom moved and did sleep and wake up in our new house for the new year. Below are photos from 2013 and now.

In the 2013 image you will notice a white car parked out front and the blured image of two people standing in the street (growlcoon and myself). As luck would have it, this image was taken the same day we first looked at the home in early December. The red truck in the driveway is the real estate agent's.

2013                                             2016

  What has changed since then:

- Added an 8' wall and custom made rod iron gates at each side.
- Installed a home automation and security system.
- Remodeled the garage.
- Remodeled one guest room.
- Installed 6 of the 9 high efficiency mini-split AC units in all the bedrooms, growlcoon's office and my office.
- Started the conversion of the unused living room into a theater.
- Built a pool house to move all the pool equipment and supplies to.
- Converted the unused sun room to a game room that tilt_longtail would be proud of.
- Started the attick remodel.
- Replaced 6 of the 30 windows with high effency versions.
- Installed a high speed network.

There is a lot left to do and we will see where it has gotten to by the next anniversary.

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