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Like everyone else I thought I would do a New Year post. Here it goes.

What a wild year it has been, A year-long election that was more entertainment than anything, the British choosing to leave the euro-zone, Russia getting all uppity and expansionistic, North Korea making noises (more like squeaks), a wild stock market, exploding Samsung phones and washng machines, more euro-zone countries on the verge of collapse, China getting pushy while at the same time on the verge of the biggest debt bubble in history, other elections around the world with the same theme as Briexit and our own election, "change is in the air". Speaking of our own election, isn't it fun to watch almost every world leader visit Trump even before he takes office?

 Changes here at home were pool house build, installation of an updated irrigation system controlled by the home automation, start of the theater build, replacement of the network equipment, 6 windows replaced, start of the attic build, start of my exercise program, our reentrance back to the furry fandom,  and today finally the fix for the clogged dryer vent.

Financially the year was a boon as past posts revealed. Weather it was Trump or luck or just the run of the bulls it was my second best year ever. This is very good for retirement in 3-8 years.

Goals for next year are to finish the flagstone around the pool and breezeway to the garden, installation of the final AC units and some zone heating systems, at least 7 more windows replaced, moving of the pool equipment to the pool house, and remodel of the game room. I also plan to continue and increased my exercise program started this year.

Trips planned or tentative for 2017 include FC in January, BLFC in June, an Alaskan cruise in July, possibly EF Berlin and Euro sightseeing in August, and my usual November/December road trip to Albuquerque and other places to see friends and family.

Overall, contrary to a lot of posts, 2016 has been a good year. Trump is president and I withhold judgment until I see what or how he does. One net positive is almost every world leader is talking to him while few cared to talk to the outgoing administration. The economy is doing great from my perspective, with more jobs for those that will take them.

For 2017 I'm hopeful the health care debacle will be amended as its worst casualty is to workers in training, fast food etc. hours cut to half because these places cannot afford health care and food prices from them skyrocketing. These jobs are not career or living wage jobs and should not be treated as such. I see the economy as improving, hopefully the dollar is driven down to help with exports. The wild card is if China makes a drastic move to correct their huge debt problem or worse fails. Russia's bolstering is only helping the defense industry, mostly here in the US, so more jobs and money from that. I see Trump as a deal maker, and he seems to be putting people in places that can make deals, not to be his political allies. This indicates he considers the job/infrastructure thing a big deal and we may see some big advances in that area. The jobs gone will not come back even if the manufacturing does because of automation but his dealmaking may bring back some of that manufacturing and with it a drive for better education, less waste of over regulation and amends to immigration to assist those who can help rather than take from society. Maybe Trump will drive home the fact that the government has no money, it all belongs to the citizens who work hard to earn it. The more it wasts the less citizens have to spend.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to wish everyone the best of the new year and hope that it will bring them all prosperity and happiness.

All the best from us to you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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