Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Trump as President

Ok, the election is over and all the votes are in. Good or bad Trump is the next president. There is no complaining or rioting or marching or posting on Twitter that will change that fact. By all the laws in our great land it is done.

It's time to work together again and eliminate the great void created by this mud-slinging election. All of you that are angry that your side lost, get over it. Your wasting your energy venting on deaf ears while others are being productive citizens. I am not a fan of Trump nor did I vote for him but until he is convicted by a jury of his peers on the many charges people like to spout he is innocent of all of them; that is the law, no exceptions.

What if... What if Trump brings back manufacturing which would put pressure to improve our education system and bring supporting manufacturing. What if he manages to get the immigration thing fixed so we welcome those who can help our society while rejecting those who can't. What if he lowers your taxes, assuming you pay any. What if he manages to fix the health care mess? You can't say he will or will-not do any of these things and be truthful until he does or does not do them. If he turnes out to be evil then I am all for a roast, but until he is, I cannot in good faith do so.

For those of you that say I am on Trumps team, some transparency:

1. I am not registered to any party
2. I did not vote for Trump
3. I think the Electoral college is wrong and a great silencer to those who live in states that always votes against them.
4. I think the party system is also wrong and limits the talent that could be going for office.

That political rant said, let the roasting begin. Surely I must be evil if I refuse to convict someone before he/she has done something to be convicted for. Just don't call me Shirley...
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