Radjin (radjin) wrote,

I'm so picked on...

There are so many people in this world that take every chance they get to feel down on themselves. It's in their posts or tweets. I am guessing it is to get people to reply to make them feel better as we all know a post about someone's bad day at work, or how depressed they are is way more exciting than posting about the birth of a baby, a new puppy or someone winning the lottery.

We must take responsibility for ourselves. No one is going to do it for us. If you don't like something then do something about it; bitching on a journal, to someone else or a tweet will not change a thing. In the same venue, it makes no sense to complain about something that has not happened.

Lastly if your going to start a debate, don't take every comment personally. A good debater eliminates emotions and looks at it logically. Emotion is a waste of time for making decisions and will dilute your whole meaning. If you throw up your paws when someone counters your comment you have wasted your time; you either respond logically and agree or disagree, then decide if it is worth the hassle of continuing. If you are going to take every comment emotionally then you have already lost.

Just Saying...
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