Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Trips are filling up the calendar already

We have everything done for FC so will see all you beasts there soon. Taking the van so possible ride space.

Alaskian cruse:
Just made flights to Seattle in July for the cruse with growlcoon's family. So cruse and Flights are done. Next is the hotel and details of what we want to do on the cruse. Furs in the area, if you would like to get together shoot us a message.

We have our hotel and still waiting on the con registration system to go live. We are driving there and taking the van. It may be possible to take a rider if you want to kick in.

This is still up in the air. I really need to make a decision as registration starts this weekend.

Hotel reservation complete. Wating on registration. This will be a van drive again with possible space for a rider.

December 1 Road trip:
This trip named, after the birthdate of my Aunt whom I see each year for her birthday, could start as much as a two weeks before and end two weeks after that date. Always looking for people to visit and sights to see. Want to get on the list, shoot me a message.
Tags: alaska, blfc, cruse, ef, fc, flights, fur con, pacanthro, seattle, trips
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