Radjin (radjin) wrote,

FC Day One

A great drive over with lite traffic. Finding the hotel and getting checked in was a breeze with no one in line. The room is a bit small but comfy and we were able to get organized quickly. At 14:30 we headed over to registration for our badges. It's great to have a last name not as popular as I bypassed the line right to the front to meet UltraGor who quickly checked me in with the usual greetings and "YOU ARE BACK!" I was very glad to see him; brings back fun memories. Then we wandered around finding things and getting our schedule books. I must say the registration went very smoothly sternly controlled by the guy with a giant spoon. Much thanks to the staff for the great work there. We felt sorry for the people in the Marriott with power out and a half hour elevator ride.

Back at the room everything went so smoothly we decided to suit up and harass the registrants as a captive audience and take advantage of the lack of suits to have fun. We walked the con, doing more exploring. Waggs growlcoon was nosing around a room and got kicked out by a fox, BAD DOG! We met many great people and took lots of photos.

Later we suited up again and attended the opening ceremony and small dance, met more people, collected tons of hugs and found that the tail still is a magnet. I would like to thank all the nice people for the hugs, compliments and warm welcome. Also the con staff for what so far has been a fun place. Much thanks to Nilsyn for his efforts at making me so presentable.

We are in room 219 at the Hyatt in case you want to visit for the few moments we are not out suiting.

We will be at Fancy Friday celebrating our Anniversary so come by and say hello.

Have fun and be safe...

Happy birthday electropaw
Tags: fc_2017, fursuit, photos, tail
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