Radjin (radjin) wrote,

FC 2017 Day 3 & 4

The weather has been beautiful, the temperature outside perfect if your in suit. I am rather glad we did not get into the Marriott as every day all day is a line to the elevator with rides to anywhere from anywhere 20-30 minuets. The Marriott is a hoppin place though, always something going on and people moving about. I suited almost everywhere so far except the party floor. Not sure the tail would fit in the packed rooms. The dance last night was disappointing at least with the first DJ as there was no consistent beat or song, no continuity to dance to. People would start to get into it, the music would drop the beat, people would kinda sway a little or leave the floor. Note to the DJ's, if the floor is not moving then do something different.

The parade was a bit of a cluster. While organized pretty well it quickly turned to chaos with suits coming and going through the same door. The route was good for showing off but getting out of the room took forever. If you are going to have 800 heat generators in a room with 678 wearing suits, please turn down the AC.

Speaking of the party floor, we tried every party and the Klingons have them all beat, paws down. Qapla'! growlcoon and I took the party floor tour and made two stops at the Klingons where growl partook in a Fizbin and a Volcana shot. He was lucky to make it back to the room on two feet. See his post on twitter.

We posted the photos on my site...

Have fun all...
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