Radjin (radjin) wrote,

FC 2017 The Last Day

We made it home; the drive went quite well. Just about unpacked and decided sit down for a few and post this.

Sunday out in suit again around 14:00 and wandered around the dealer's den; ended up buying a con badge. I am really surprised by how much they have gone up. After we cruised the open area at the bottom of the stairs to the dealers area and met people. It was amazing how many people walked up and said they knew me from years ago. People from Germany, and the UK, an old friend Angel Bunny and Shorty Dragon, Crosscheck, Bree, and many more I cannot remember. About 16:30 we were back at the hotel room de-suiting when Shorty messaged and we invited him over. We had a fantastic chat and he all but talked us into going to EF and a Swedish fur con I think these cons would be a lot of fun for 2018.

Later we suited again for the dance and thanks to Shorty for fixing my cane as I had already gotten into my suit. The dance music was terrible, it's just not something good for a suit and, call me old, but it's not dance music at all. We waited around for the next DJ to see if things changed and it only got worse. Fox McCloud tried to explain the music but it still made no sense and we all left for the room. growlcoon, Shorty, Nills and I sat around the room talking about the Euro cons and we asked so many questions. I think these are on the schedule for next year. About 1am we went to bed.

Monday, this morning, we got up around 07:30 and invited shorty over for breakfast. Again we had a great conversation and joked about the differences in how we call things until we had to check out. Shorty headed off and 30 minuets later were were packed and in the lobby where we met Bree and chatted while we waited on growl.

Now it's 15:16, the laundry is in the washer, and I need to unpack, clean and brush the suit for storage.

Would like to thank the FC staff for a relatively good con minus the music, the many friends of Radjin for honoring him with their greetings and one very cute and energetic mouse that was great fun to suit with.

All the photos we took can be found here.

Until the next con this is Radjin singing out of the FC con report...

A quick photo of the cute mouse that enticed the Dragon

Oh yes; Happy belated birthdays to foxbunny_ace and tora_prowler
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