Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Breaking the Magic

Just back from FC-2017, my first con in eight years I noticed a few things that has changed. I attribute most to changing times but one stands out; breaking the suiting magic, removing head or paws and revealing the human character beneath.

I saw this over fifty times at the con and had to edit my photos appropriately. This seems illogical to me as what's the purpose of becoming your character if you are going to destroy that illusion to all who may be watching? Speaking to a staff member of a European con they actually put a check box on the registration form that you understand that heads only come off in private. I thought this a great reminder of why we are here doing what we do, but it had quite the backlash and was removed. Also in European cons taking your head off in public usually means you are in distress as they do not expect that action for any other reason; more sound logic, at least to me.

I guess if your only wearing your suit to get someone in your bed or you in theirs you are not really interested in being a character, it's just an angle to get what you want. But to many, your selfishness destroys an illusion that gives them and those they entertain pleasure. It also makes them enjoy the whole experience of being with suitors less with the constant reminder that breaks their suspension of belief. For most suitors that character is who they are when in suit, they change personalities and physical movements to become the character. Being a suiter myself I totally understand the feeling of becoming something else and creating smiles on the people around me and have seen the negative reactions to headless suits walking around.

Please, show some courtesy to those who work so hard to become something new, exciting and different to make people smile. If your going to suit and unless your are in distress, please wait until you are in private to remove parts, and never walk around headless. Your many fellow suitors as well as those that you entertain will thank you for it.
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