Radjin (radjin) wrote,

Change in plans, welcome to my life...

As usual in our household we tossed everything up in the air and made a huge change in our travel plans last minuet. Stated in a past post we had decided not to go to EF due to an Alaskan cruse and Pac-Anthro con on either side of the EF month. I happened to be looking at flights to Stockholm for a trip to NordicFuzzCon next year but I could not see prices that far in advance. As an alternative I looked for this March to get an idea and the flights were so reasonable we started talking about going. With the help of our good friend Shorty we did some research last night and today and managed to score a nice room for the con. So in March we are heading for Stockholm, Sweden and NordicFuzzCon. Neither of us has been to Sweden so we extended the trip to two weeks to do some sightseeing.

I am quite excited about this.

Thank you Shorty and Aoroo for all your help.
Tags: convention, fursuit, nordicfuzzcon, stockholm, sweden
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