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 I woke early as most days and quietly slipped out of the room to try and not wake growlcoon who has to work today. Down in the office I did my normal thing of sit down, not at my iMac, but my little server, a Mac mini,  instead. I noticed I have been doing this for a while now and finally figured out why. I wear glasses with bifocals and to see the much taller screen on the iMac I have to crane my neck up or hold it up much like one would do in fursuit while laying on their belly. The server has a 24" screen compaired to the iMac's 27" and about half the resolution yet here I sit doing everything from maintenence on the server to posting in LJ; all easily done through the iMac's much more powerful interface. When we moved to this house in 2013 I purchased a new walnut and glass desk just for the iMac but it never occured to me that while the desk is perfect height for doing bills, writing notes and typing, it, plus the non-adjustable stand on the iMac make it much higher. I have a plan for that issue so we will see how that turnes out.

 This is kind of a random post as I had all sorts of subjects in mind but just did not feel the mood to place them here and instead, as my writing professor once said, "just start writing and see where it goes; then of course, edit it so it makes sense". So here I am. Will this make the cut to be seen by my frieinds, will they care that my screen is too tall or that it's currently storming outside like I had not heard in years. Hang on, I need to get a water and the damn kitchen is half a house away.............  8-[  ............................... OK, I'm back, sorry about that, I opend the bottle and of course squeezed the damn thin thing a bit too much and spilled water on my hard wood floor in the theater which I walk partly through to get to my office.

 Where was I......?

 Oh well; damn that water is cold!.....Brrrr, made my fangs tingle. So as I said it is storming outside, the wind is howling and making my pool, which is already at capacity, wave like a tiny ocean. At this rate it will be spring before I can get my pool pump house roof coated. One thing I am going to do is change all the downspouts. Who ever came up with the idea of turning the spout tips at a 90deg from the drop so that even a tiny drop makes a hammering sound needs their head examined, as well as the person who set them up so they drain right next the foundation. Extending the house thought on the list of things to do is replace 31 windows with the ultimate goal of having 27 or less, double pained, low-E vinal vesions. Need to get the flagstone down in the back but that requires busting up the concrete around the pool and redoing the brick around the pool edges. Any good furry landscapers out there, carpenters too for that matter. Speaking of carpenters, I promised growl a fursuit room and need to get one built so back to any good furry carpenters?

 That brings up another random thought. I wonder if a furry service finder to match people with professionals that are furry would be of any use?  Suggestiosn, comments. No rocks please...

........................... Sorry, the neighborhood cat was outside my office door that leads to the pool and wanting to be petted. I let him in and of course he tracked little wet paw prints on my hard wood floor. We had a petting session which he totally controls where and how he gets petted before deciding to go exploring and ignore that I am even here...... Now he wants back out.... nope, he wants to stand in the door and watch the weather and freeze me to death..................................................................................... Finally, he decided to run to the neighbors when he heard them close a door after using me up.

Hang on...................

 I'm back; got hungry and ran back to the kitchen and got me a bowl of cerel. Lately my favorite is frosted mini-wheats. Growl keeps the house stocked to rivel the market itself but I tend to settle on a few things at a time and lately that has reduced further. Am I getting old? Does that make my butt look fat?

 Speaking of fat butts, Growl and Nills our roomy, are in the throws of getting new fursuits and bugging me to get mine started. Almost nightly dicsussions on what I think of this color and that head. I am just not into it at the moment with so many other things going, but it's kind of fun seeing how they work towards their final design........... No hon, I didn't say your butt was fat, it was just a segway to this random paragraph in a random post.  Anyone out there still reading? ...... . . . . .   .   .  .  H e l l o?

Speaking of segways, we were discussing drivers licenses with Shorty Dragon, our German friend, while at FC one evening and he told us using a Segway requires a type of license in Germany. They also have seperate licenses and ID cards there while they are intragrated here in California and I believe most of the United States.

Well I guess I can end this post with some real news...  We are fully registerd at NFC (NodicFuzzCon) just outside Stockholm Sweeden. {Did you know that Stockholm dates back as far as 8,000 BC?} We have our flights, and rooms. Just need to work out a few details of what else to see while there and the possibility of getting a local to be our tour guide.

Growl must be up by now so he can work out on the elipitcal and head to work, then I can have the Elipitcal to myself.

Cheers all.

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Not sure why, but this is the most visited photo in my gallery.
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