Radjin (radjin) wrote,

A nice relaxing day off.

After a very intense three days trying to catch up at work with numerious storm related problems in adition to the normal ones in the 30,000sq mile area I cover, yesterday was a supposed to be a relaxing time with nobody in the house but me for five hours. Nobody was here for most of it, including myself.

As soon as Nills and Growl left, I pulled the laundry and sorted out the whites to do first on a big pile on the floor. Just as I started to toss that in the basket to take downstairs I received a call that Mother needed help and ran to her place; that turned into a trip to take her to her doctor apointment, a test and some more tests and then of course a stop to eat before finally dropping her off and getting back home myself around 5pm. Still on the floor was the pile of laundry I planned to tos in and take a nap while it washed. I just got that in and growlcoon arrived home. I waundered down to my office and closed the door and there on my company phone were 9 calls and 16 text's. I managed to get through those in a couple of hours, did the bills and checked the investments as the tax forms are starting to trickle in, did Mom's bills and checked her investents and tax forms, replied to a couple of posts here on LJ and turned the screen off. Back upstairs I jumped up on the bed and read my iPad, commented on a few tweets, read the financial news and whatever else was going on, then called Mom to check on her and answered two more emails from work. By that time it was 20:45.  I took a shower and jumped back on the bed and read the ipad researching the city of Stockholm, Sweden and after dropping the ipad on my face twice turned out the light and went to sleep.

So there you go, a nice relaxing day off in the life of this dragon. Imagine what it would be like if it were a busy day.

Random photo:

Dealers room AC 2006 - Saturday, 17 June 2006, 2:04pm

This is where I swung my tail over the banister to the cheers of people below and Kagi telling me my tail was a camera hog.

Happy birthday: dragnoftheskies
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