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What happening?

Well the news is a-buz with made-up stories of how the world is going to end because someone did that or signed that. Of course lawyers everywhere are rejoicing in the money they are making as is the news that will say or amplify or do anything to keep you clicking on their otherwise uninteresting excreta. If people concentrated as much on their finances and getting their own lives in order as much as they are on what Trump did today they might be able to eat tomorrow or make it to the next con. But they wont being slaves to the news who controls them.

As for me, it's a new year, and tax time is coming as sabotlours mentioned. I have almost all my paperwork together and it should go pretty easy with my CPA. My tax forms usually number in the 60+ pages rage so my CPA gets a pretty good check, however she is like buying insurance that I keep what I can and do not end up in trouble, and she is tax deductible...

Personally I am in the middle of a life-changing event. In April of 2015 my father passed away from cancer. A month and half later Mom had a heart attack and while having an angiogram to check on that had a stroke. She was lucky ending up with simple aphasia but since I have been handling her finances and investments. Now she has agreed to move in with Growl and myself which means we are building her an apartment here on the estate. I have solicited bids from several contractors and am waiting on their replies. I guess I can no longer laugh when someone tells me they live with their Mom. As I am writing this I received my first bid for the apartment.

In other personal news while out purchasing a new adjustable bed for mom, growlcoon and I decided it was time for us. We ended up buying a Kluft signature adjustable bed to fit inside our heirloom Thomasville bed frame. We had a sleep-number or select comfort bed, as they used to be called. It has served us well and never failed but after laying on the new bed in the store, being able to touch a button to raise, lower or vibrate head or feet was over the top and irresistible for both dragon and raccoon. Lesson learned: The longer you stay in a bed store the more you will spend. Our salesman and the store manager we have dealt with on the other three beds we purchased for guest rooms in the house was again an outstanding help in sorting out the dragon and raccoon taste in beds.

In fursuit news Growl and Nills are still comtimplating their new suits while I am in talks with a few on new paws for Radjin. Hopefully my good friend Brian will have some time to spend and we can design some feet worthy a dragon.

Other than that your up to date. Our next con is in March, NordicFuzzCon in Stockholm Sweden.  Of course we will post photos.

Random Photo

mrianti standing guard at FC 06.
2006:01:19 19:38:15

Happy belated birthday to: dante, coffy123 and tobias_radjin.

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