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Retirement where art thou?

Good morning, here I sit in San Ramon waiting on a meeting that starts at 8 AM. What am I doing here so early you ask? If I don't leave my house and get through Manteca and Tracy before 04:00, a 1.5 hour trip turns into 3.5. Even crossing over the Altamont at 03:50 traffic is just terrible. Where are all these people going so early in the morning? Now I'm an early person and don't mind getting up; wouldn't it be great if most hours were standardized to 9 to 5? Us early birds would be set.

Today is an all-day meeting reviewing a critical documentation project. I can see much coffee consumed or in my case, many hours of standing to stay awake. For those of you who have not heard of such a meeting the purpose of critical documentation is for those facilities which the government has deemed critical or of high priority to society. These facilities must review all their documentation to make sure it matches with what is really there. This one meeting will be focused on one facility of over 200. This one facility has almost 50,000 data points which all trace back to devices or processes. My copy of the project review contains 2,500 drawings.

Believe it or not, the above pales in comparison to next week where we will do a PHA on the same facility. That is expected to take an entire week. In a PHA or Process Hazard Analysis, those data points above are broken down into systems, and each system broken down to components. Each component is evaluated to pridict what would happen should it fail, first with no safeguards, then with existing safeguards, then that is evaluated to see if what is there will mitigate any hazards that devices failure might cause. If we find the existing safeguards are not enough, we make suggestions on how to resolve the problem, then move on to the next component. Complicating that whole process further is the fact that one component maybe dependent on another. The one good side of this is that it will be held at my office and conference room rather than me having to drive out to San Ramon. Note to self, "tell secretary to double coffee order"

Tonight I stay in a hotel in Dublin because tomorrow I have another meeting here in San Ramon, then rush over to Antioch to gather some information for another project, then back to my office to meet with five engineers to do a pre-walk for next weeks PHA. It looks like Thursday might be a late day but since Thursday is my Friday it won't be so bad.

People tell me, "you think you're busy now, wait to retire, you'll wonder how you had enough time to live." To that I reply, "yes, but it will be on my schedule".

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Whatever your plans are for this day, do have some fun.
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