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Punishing someone or something for a completely unrelated action.

What is the deal with some people? Someone shoots someone and the gun manufacturer get the blame with lawsuits and vandalism. A president gets elected by all the laws we hold dear and suddenly people who had nothing to do with it are being punished; taxi companies stranding people in New York, protesters in cities vandalizing and destroying private property, attacking people, blocking traffic and businesses and emergency services. That is like going home and kicking the dog because you had a bad day at work; assuming you do work. What do these people accomplish with their despicable actions? For all these protesters know the people whom they are attacking may have voted against the sitting president. These people must have a mental deficiency and should be evaluated and perhaps put away. If they don't then they need to go to jail. It's likely few of them have a job anyway so we would still be paying for them. Their acts of destruction and the hurting of people are done to get attention, isn't that exactly what terrorist do?

There are ways to protest something you do not like, but none of them include affecting any other person, business, or service; the innocent should not be affected in any way. If a protest blocks an emergency vehicle and the injured inside dies because of the delay, are the protesters guilty of murder? I say yes, and those responsible should be punished for such.

None of what is going on will affect anything but the innocent. Let's get it together people, use some common decency and show a little respect towards each other. Don't burn down your neighbors house becuase your party did not get elected or the duly elected does something you do not like.

What happened to the pen is mightier than the sword?

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Aku and two others in Suhl East Germany during Eurofurance 13.
2007:09:05 19:29:00

Happy Birthday: acrothdragon
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