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Local fur event - Bowling

Well at the very last minuet last night we learn of a local fur event here in town. The Central Valley furs had arranged bowling at the McHenry bowling center. We debated and decided to attend.

It was a well organized affair with a dedicated room; registration and payment for everything at one time. I can't remember any of the names but here is a link to the photos we took. The bowling alley was packed and we had four lanes to ourselves. A total of 50 people showed and I am guessing 10-15 were suits. growlcoon, Nilsyn and I took the van and Growl's and mine suits. Nilsyn took the photos and was our handeler. We stayed until almost 2am but had to get back for early morning activites of our own at home. It's good to see there is an organized group of a decent size near by.

Today the new Kluft bed arrives. Of course it has to be complicated with arriving at the time same time we are coodrinating getting hair cuts; so we run to the salon in a relay tag-team. We got up early, tore the old bed apart, cleaned, vaccuumed and dusted for the new.  I as am wiring this I get a call that they are 5 minuelts away so time to cut this short. The beds arrived shortly after and it took less then thirty minuets to be installed.

Later I took a nap on the new bed and it was hard to tear myself off to go get dinner.

Tags: bowling, cvf, suiting
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