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I'm up, are you?

Yeah, here I am again. It's 03:46 and I have been up for about an hour. The wind is howling and it is raining. More random musings as I have finished the bills, my weekly review of investments and catching up on the social sites I monitor.

The new Kluft beds are really comfortable but like anything new it's taking time to adjust. I do like how solid they are with almost no movement when the other side moves; almost as if they are attached to the floor.

I had a final meet with the contractor who is going to build Mom's apartment. He will begin work next Saturday and progress on weekends as fill-in. This allows me time to work with Mom on what she wants for cabinets, furnishings and flooring. Like any project it feels like chaos until it starts coming together. If all goes as planned Mom's house should be on the market before June. If it sells fast, as most in her neighborhood have, she should be sitting on a giant pile of tax-free cash by August that she can do anything she wants with. That with her pension and SSA will keep her in the upper-middle-class for the rest of her life; as it should be for someone in their 70's who worked and paid taxes for 40 years.

Today I meet with Bryan, my mechanic and contact with the DMV, to get my name added to the Mom's van. As she cannot drive it's the only way to insure it. Not a bad thing as it is the perfect fursuit/con machine and rides like a giant, overstuffed sofa with a mini bus/wearhouse attached.

Random Photo

The London Bridge - Not quite as nice as the older version we have in Lake Havasu, below.
2004:01:04 14:03:54

2006:06:06 12:58:20

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