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The Con badge shuffle

At FC on a Sunday I was wondering around in suit within the dealers area. I've been watching one particular both as the artwork seemed to fit my character. I finally decided to pull the trigger and commission a con batch. At $60-$65 I thought it a bit steep but it seemed to be the going rate for any decent badge. growlcoon and Nilsyn we're walking around with me and met me at the booth. When we first got there a gentleman was covering the booth who is not the artist but he was taking information. Halfway through that the artist arrived. She completed our information. I solicited suggestions on what type of badge and she suggested a waist up. I went with that, Growl paid and we asked for a receipt. We were told that a receipt would be mailed to the email address I gave them which I then confirmed. Just before we left, a little on the concerned side, I again asked for some sort of receipt. Again I was told that it would be emailed to us along with any questions that the artist may have. But as of today I have not heard from the artist and I have not received my receipt. I will state, and I'm sure you agree, that I should've never left without insisting on some sort of receipt. I spent the last week or so trying to determine the name of the artist who is in the location in the west dealers room. The location is number 46. I have contacted other dealers, I've contacted con staff and the answers are, "all the positions were mixed up" so no one could definitively tell me who the artist was in number 46. I was finally able to get an artist who would tell me who they thought was in that position so I wrote them today. I guess there's not a lot I can do if I do get a hold of the artist and they insisted they did not take my commission even though they did take my money.

The moral of the story is, always get a receipt. Do not leave the store, the booth, your grandmothers; if you trade money, get a receipt.

EDIT: I finally with the help of the FC staff get in contact with the artists. I learned another lesson, never get a badge at a con. Too expensive, the artists is too distracted to listen to you or even get your email address right, and forget about getting your character the way you see him. They go home and draw what they think he should look like.

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Our location in the U.K. on September 1, 2015 at 1:31pm.

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