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The other day I was with a friend and a third friend happened by. We sat and talked a bit before heading on our separate ways. Once we were alone again my friend tells me that the friend we just met works as a garbage truck driver. The first thing I thought to myself was my Grandfather telling me that he did that and he thought it was a fantastic job. Back in the day when you met each customer and they would give you gifts. Not to mention that the pay was great. So back to the present and my friend continuing with how terrible it must be to collect peoples garbage. Now this friend who is telling me this actually does not work. I relate to him my Grandfathers words, then I asked him how is it he can criticize someone who is working, and not just in any job, but a critical one that's absolutely necessary for our societies health and welfare. A job that allows him to buy a house for he and his family. How can he criticize while not working himself. He seemed miffed and we dropped it and went on with our day.

I hear a lot of criticism of other peoples jobs. I must admit I have done it myself but mostly to motivate someone to do better. Burger King is not a living wage job, it's not supposed to be, it's a training job. However it is a job and the one working it is being a productive part of society. With so many not being a productive part of society in any way usually being the ones that criticize or complain the most. Just stop and think before making that comment about someone's livelihood. Is it worth making them feel bad to make yourself feel better?

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