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Day one at BLFC

Well I was up early as usual, editing photos from the previous day and checking out the financial news which has been pretty great investment wise this week. growlcoon was still sleeping. Around 10:00 we went to breakfast which in Reno is different from other gambling cities with the food being pretty expensive. We met rukario71, a good friend who sat with us and chatted a bit. Later back at the room I got into suit with Growl playing the part of my personal paparazzi. It was fun cruising around making people smile and getting photos of all the really fantastic suits. I also noticed a number of suits getting pretty bold with the exposure, maybe that was what that comment by VN Creations on twitter was all about. I uploaded several hundred to the website for your viewing pleasure (link above).

We received a message from overzen about the massive crowd at unloading and check-in. We offered to help but they choose the smart route of using the bell hop. Later we got together with them and had something to eat at Johnny Rockets. After we ended getting split up with growl and I going back to the room. More photo editing then back in suit. The dance while in a huge space was pretty pathetic; people mostly standing around with the music, as in the past few cons, having no focus on dancing. One would think the DJ would look at the floor and see that something different needs to be done. We ditched the dance and went back to the area outside and played with the cardboard buildings and giant dice. Afterwords more chatting with friends and of course photos. I think we got back to the room and cleaned up around 1am this morning.

So far the con is about on par with most American ones with the one complaint of the venue having serious limits as it is all hallways with no suiting in the casino proper. The organization has been pretty good with the usual cluster in registration.

It's day two now and yesterdays photos are going up to the website.

Random Photo

2017:06:01 11:43:48
A very flexible fur

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my very good friends timduru, rukario71.

See ya around...
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