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BLFC Day Two

I got up early growlcoon was later. Ultimately we got out of the room close to 10 but the lines of the restaurants were ridiculous. We headed back up to the room and made a breakfast out of snacks we had brought with us. We didn't get into suit until later in the day when they had the group photo and the fiesta. After an hour so I got out of suit so that I could take pictures of growl in his waggs suit as he had not had a chance to have many photos.

Overall the day was not very eventful, we met a few friends in our tours of the endless halls of this event. One, our very good friend rukario71, came up to the room and we chatted for an hour or so and washed him a very happy birthday. It was probably after midnight again when we finally got to bed. I started the latest photos uploading which took nearly all night.

For so many people attending it does not feel it until you go to eat. It also feels like the percentage of suits to attendees is pretty small. So far my only gripe is probably the price of the food and the fact that the venue seems to be all halls. It's good that they open up the main rooms to meet and play. In a few of the events, particularly the group photo a bit more organization and sticking to the timetable would help. My biggest grip is not con related, but for those lazy people who can't wait to get to a private area before taking their head off.

Another random photo

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