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BLFC Day Four

We woke up about the same time as growlcoon wanted to get a good breakfast and to do that you need to get there early. Down to the Grand Cafe we were seated right away. Good to see they can deviate from the menu.  Back at the room I was not feeling like cruzing the con so hung out in the room while growl headed down to check out the art show and dealer's den. I kept receiving messages from so many random people that I had met at the con I decided to head out myself for a bit. I never even saw Growl in my tour of both upper and lower areas. I did meet a few freinds and have some fun chats.  Back at the room around 11 and growl was stil not there so I finished editing photos until he arrived. We mostly hung out, drying our undergear for the suits and organizing as each night after desuiting the room looks like a few furries met up for a quickie with stuff everywhere.

overzen and his mate Tenex messaged and wanted to do dinner so we met them at the elevator down stairs and went to the Grand Cafe. The special, a turkey meal was pretty tasty but they neglected to tell us it was bone bits in. After dinner we all headed off in seperate directions. Growl and I to the art show and them to get suited up. Later in suit, Growl and I attended the inapproiate fursuit games where we met our good and very funny freind scruff_e_coyote. We watched the games for a bit then headed off to the dance. On the way we picked up a very cute green coyote named cyanide. I must say the music before the dance started was rather good and progressivly got worse to degrading into rap an hour or so into it. We gave up and headed back to the room, having lost our green yote to a very sexy and very tall female avaian.

My feelings for the con are the same, organization is their weak point as is keeping to the schedule. However the suplimental food options are a plus and a good idea.
Fur cruze

2005:12:07 20:43:46

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sheppymilo.

End of Line...
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