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BLFC Final

It's the day after...  We arrived home around 16:00 yesterday. The drive was pretty easy considering half the people on the road should not be there. The giant red sofa (Dodge Grand Caravan) we inherited when my Mother could no longer drive is not my favorite choice in large vehicles but it can hold a lot and is very comfortable. We were unpacked within an hour or two and by the end of the day the laundry done and most everything put away.

My overall feelings for BLFC are it was just another con. There were no real standouts that made it better or worse than any other. I got to spend a bit more time with some people because of the less than interesting panels or scheduling so that was a plus. The food was more expensive or as expensive as some of the most expensive cons I have attended. The rooms were the most expensive. For a casino which usually have cheap food and rooms I don't think the con is leveraging it's weight enough to drive down prices down, or they are reaping the windfall; I doubt we will know either way. I don't care for the endless halls but I do appreciate the open spaces in the bowls of the hotel. The dance music was so un-suit friendly every time I attended that I quit trying. This seems to be the theme across most cons now; I do miss the days of DJ Rory. The final link to the 1,301 con photos are here.

I watched the Apple WWDC keynote yesterday after getting unpacked and I do believe there is a iMac Pro in my future. Should I go with 8 or 18 cores and definiatly 128GB ECC RAM. With my current 8 year old iMac on the fritzs and doing all my work on a 9 year old MacBook it's time.

For today, I have done our bills and my mother's. Investments are looking good even with the small down yesterday which allowed me to buy at a bargain. It's currently 71F with a high 93F expected. No rain expected but partly cloudy on Thursday. The high for the next ten days looks to be 97F. I took today off as I have an abundance of vacation. The contractor is to arrive today and we will continue on Mother's apartment in an attempt to have it move-in ready by mid June. I will also do some programming to the home automation/security system to adjust for the new apartment.

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