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The words of a dragon

"Ask the universe, it knows everything"

An old friend having troubles
The last month or so my trusted 2010 iMac started rebooting randomly. I couldn't tie it to anything in particular except maybe something to do with syncing with iCloud and that only a gut feeling. This is a machine that has ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week since it was first bought and only ever rebooted when an update required it. I tried running Apple's hardware diagnostic and finally completely installing a clean version of the OS all to no avail. After much researching I contacted Apple and they arranged for a repair but not with Apple itself, rather at an Apple authorized repair station, as the mac was older. Having an Apple Store right here in town I was surprised by this, but figured if it was Apple authorized then it must be good. I reformatted my two internal 1TB SSD's not letting my information leave my possession, packed up the computer in the original box and packing it was purchased with and took it to them. The first thing I noticed that is was a Verizon storefront but seemed in disarray. It turned out that they were in transition and the Verizon name was supposedly going away. With some trepidation I left my trusted friend with them after getting a receipt. A few days later I received a call from a tech in Tracy, a city about 45 minuets away, telling he had my Mac and was the Tech to be working on it. I asked what happened to the Modesto store and he said that they had one tech and he was located in their Tracy store. OK, fine; he would call me back when he found something. A few more days and sure enough he called, telling me that he could not even get the computer to turn on. I thought this odd as it turned on just fine and didn't even crash unless I started working on it. Ok, they would look into it. A few more days and he called telling me they got it to turn on and were running diagnostic software and would let me know if they found anything. Almost a week goes by and I get another call saying diagnostics say the power supply was getting weak with slightly low voltages. I approved and they replace it with an Apple replacement in which Apple required they send in the old one first so that took another week. Finally, last week I get a call and my friend is ready. They shipped it back to the Modesto store and I picked it up except there was no box. I asked about the box and it turned out they forgot to pack the computer back up and bring it, but promised to have the box brought to the Modesto store next week. I also noticed some marks on the back of the computer and brought it to their attention; lucky that it polished off easily. I took my friend home and fired it up. The migration assistant Apple provides worked flawlessly moving my files including some 300k photos right back to where they belonged matching my old carbon fiber MacBook. It also set up all the account data so the only real work was verifying the accounts using my other Apple devices so they all worked as one again. After getting it all back up and running I opened Photos and started watching it arrange the albums and such to match the changes I had made. Suddenly the screen whent white then it rebooted with the now familiar "your computer restarted because it encountered a problem". This is the same problem I had before I took it in for repair. As of this morning it has done this twice and then restarted twice more acting like a reboot rather then a kernel panic. At this point it does this when I click the search magnifying glass in the menu bar. Sheesh I have had more issues in the past few weeks then I have had in my 30 years of using a Mac. So I am writing this as my backup runs and all seems fine. We will see if I get any more reboots. I am almost back to it being a software thing or possible a weak memory register that is not showing up on diagnostics. Either way, one more reboot and the repair service will get a call.

What else has been going on you ask? The apartment drama is on the finishing touches, tile, maple cabinets and custom ADA compliant bathroom. Mom is asking a lot when it will be finished so I choose August 12 to begin moving her into it; I took the whole week as vacation. The plan is to get her totally moved and what is left in the house consolidated so that I can begin getting the rooms painted and cleaned up.

Next week we start a two week trip including a cruse to Alaska.

It's the fourth of July and some friends are coming over for a little gathering.

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HAPPY Fourth everyone.

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