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The words of a dragon

"Ask the universe, it knows everything"

Punishing someone or something for a completely unrelated action.
What is the deal with some people? Someone shoots someone and the gun manufacturer get the blame with lawsuits and vandalism. A president gets elected by all the laws we hold dear and suddenly people who had nothing to do with it are being punished; taxi companies stranding people in New York, protesters in cities vandalizing and destroying private property, attacking people, blocking traffic and businesses and emergency services. That is like going home and kicking the dog because you had a bad day at work; assuming you do work. What do these people accomplish with their despicable actions? For all these protesters know the people whom they are attacking may have voted against the sitting president. These people must have a mental deficiency and should be evaluated and perhaps put away. If they don't then they need to go to jail. It's likely few of them have a job anyway so we would still be paying for them. Their acts of destruction and the hurting of people are done to get attention, isn't that exactly what terrorist do?

There are ways to protest something you do not like, but none of them include affecting any other person, business, or service; the innocent should not be affected in any way. If a protest blocks an emergency vehicle and the injured inside dies because of the delay, are the protesters guilty of murder? I say yes, and those responsible should be punished for such.

None of what is going on will affect anything but the innocent. Let's get it together people, use some common decency and show a little respect towards each other. Don't burn down your neighbors house becuase your party did not get elected or the duly elected does something you do not like.

What happened to the pen is mightier than the sword?

Random photo

Aku and two others in Suhl East Germany during Eurofurance 13.
2007:09:05 19:29:00

Happy Birthday: acrothdragon

Retirement where art thou?
Good morning, here I sit in San Ramon waiting on a meeting that starts at 8 AM. What am I doing here so early you ask? If I don't leave my house and get through Manteca and Tracy before 04:00, a 1.5 hour trip turns into 3.5. Even crossing over the Altamont at 03:50 traffic is just terrible. Where are all these people going so early in the morning? Now I'm an early person and don't mind getting up; wouldn't it be great if most hours were standardized to 9 to 5? Us early birds would be set.

Today is an all-day meeting reviewing a critical documentation project. I can see much coffee consumed or in my case, many hours of standing to stay awake. For those of you who have not heard of such a meeting the purpose of critical documentation is for those facilities which the government has deemed critical or of high priority to society. These facilities must review all their documentation to make sure it matches with what is really there. This one meeting will be focused on one facility of over 200. This one facility has almost 50,000 data points which all trace back to devices or processes. My copy of the project review contains 2,500 drawings.

Believe it or not, the above pales in comparison to next week where we will do a PHA on the same facility. That is expected to take an entire week. In a PHA or Process Hazard Analysis, those data points above are broken down into systems, and each system broken down to components. Each component is evaluated to pridict what would happen should it fail, first with no safeguards, then with existing safeguards, then that is evaluated to see if what is there will mitigate any hazards that devices failure might cause. If we find the existing safeguards are not enough, we make suggestions on how to resolve the problem, then move on to the next component. Complicating that whole process further is the fact that one component maybe dependent on another. The one good side of this is that it will be held at my office and conference room rather than me having to drive out to San Ramon. Note to self, "tell secretary to double coffee order"

Tonight I stay in a hotel in Dublin because tomorrow I have another meeting here in San Ramon, then rush over to Antioch to gather some information for another project, then back to my office to meet with five engineers to do a pre-walk for next weeks PHA. It looks like Thursday might be a late day but since Thursday is my Friday it won't be so bad.

People tell me, "you think you're busy now, wait to retire, you'll wonder how you had enough time to live." To that I reply, "yes, but it will be on my schedule".

Random photo

growlcoon Aiden and myself at FC 2008
2008:01:26 23:27:21

Whatever your plans are for this day, do have some fun.

What happening?

Well the news is a-buz with made-up stories of how the world is going to end because someone did that or signed that. Of course lawyers everywhere are rejoicing in the money they are making as is the news that will say or amplify or do anything to keep you clicking on their otherwise uninteresting excreta. If people concentrated as much on their finances and getting their own lives in order as much as they are on what Trump did today they might be able to eat tomorrow or make it to the next con. But they wont being slaves to the news who controls them.

As for me, it's a new year, and tax time is coming as sabotlours mentioned. I have almost all my paperwork together and it should go pretty easy with my CPA. My tax forms usually number in the 60+ pages rage so my CPA gets a pretty good check, however she is like buying insurance that I keep what I can and do not end up in trouble, and she is tax deductible...

Personally I am in the middle of a life-changing event. In April of 2015 my father passed away from cancer. A month and half later Mom had a heart attack and while having an angiogram to check on that had a stroke. She was lucky ending up with simple aphasia but since I have been handling her finances and investments. Now she has agreed to move in with Growl and myself which means we are building her an apartment here on the estate. I have solicited bids from several contractors and am waiting on their replies. I guess I can no longer laugh when someone tells me they live with their Mom. As I am writing this I received my first bid for the apartment.

In other personal news while out purchasing a new adjustable bed for mom, growlcoon and I decided it was time for us. We ended up buying a Kluft signature adjustable bed to fit inside our heirloom Thomasville bed frame. We had a sleep-number or select comfort bed, as they used to be called. It has served us well and never failed but after laying on the new bed in the store, being able to touch a button to raise, lower or vibrate head or feet was over the top and irresistible for both dragon and raccoon. Lesson learned: The longer you stay in a bed store the more you will spend. Our salesman and the store manager we have dealt with on the other three beds we purchased for guest rooms in the house was again an outstanding help in sorting out the dragon and raccoon taste in beds.

In fursuit news Growl and Nills are still comtimplating their new suits while I am in talks with a few on new paws for Radjin. Hopefully my good friend Brian will have some time to spend and we can design some feet worthy a dragon.

Other than that your up to date. Our next con is in March, NordicFuzzCon in Stockholm Sweden.  Of course we will post photos.

Random Photo

mrianti standing guard at FC 06.
2006:01:19 19:38:15

Happy belated birthday to: dante, coffy123 and tobias_radjin.

A nice relaxing day off.
After a very intense three days trying to catch up at work with numerious storm related problems in adition to the normal ones in the 30,000sq mile area I cover, yesterday was a supposed to be a relaxing time with nobody in the house but me for five hours. Nobody was here for most of it, including myself.

As soon as Nills and Growl left, I pulled the laundry and sorted out the whites to do first on a big pile on the floor. Just as I started to toss that in the basket to take downstairs I received a call that Mother needed help and ran to her place; that turned into a trip to take her to her doctor apointment, a test and some more tests and then of course a stop to eat before finally dropping her off and getting back home myself around 5pm. Still on the floor was the pile of laundry I planned to tos in and take a nap while it washed. I just got that in and growlcoon arrived home. I waundered down to my office and closed the door and there on my company phone were 9 calls and 16 text's. I managed to get through those in a couple of hours, did the bills and checked the investments as the tax forms are starting to trickle in, did Mom's bills and checked her investents and tax forms, replied to a couple of posts here on LJ and turned the screen off. Back upstairs I jumped up on the bed and read my iPad, commented on a few tweets, read the financial news and whatever else was going on, then called Mom to check on her and answered two more emails from work. By that time it was 20:45.  I took a shower and jumped back on the bed and read the ipad researching the city of Stockholm, Sweden and after dropping the ipad on my face twice turned out the light and went to sleep.

So there you go, a nice relaxing day off in the life of this dragon. Imagine what it would be like if it were a busy day.

Random photo:

Dealers room AC 2006 - Saturday, 17 June 2006, 2:04pm

This is where I swung my tail over the banister to the cheers of people below and Kagi telling me my tail was a camera hog.

Happy birthday: dragnoftheskies

Random and Confused
 I woke early as most days and quietly slipped out of the room to try and not wake growlcoon who has to work today. Down in the office I did my normal thing of sit down, not at my iMac, but my little server, a Mac mini,  instead. I noticed I have been doing this for a while now and finally figured out why. I wear glasses with bifocals and to see the much taller screen on the iMac I have to crane my neck up or hold it up much like one would do in fursuit while laying on their belly. The server has a 24" screen compaired to the iMac's 27" and about half the resolution yet here I sit doing everything from maintenence on the server to posting in LJ; all easily done through the iMac's much more powerful interface. When we moved to this house in 2013 I purchased a new walnut and glass desk just for the iMac but it never occured to me that while the desk is perfect height for doing bills, writing notes and typing, it, plus the non-adjustable stand on the iMac make it much higher. I have a plan for that issue so we will see how that turnes out.

 This is kind of a random post as I had all sorts of subjects in mind but just did not feel the mood to place them here and instead, as my writing professor once said, "just start writing and see where it goes; then of course, edit it so it makes sense". So here I am. Will this make the cut to be seen by my frieinds, will they care that my screen is too tall or that it's currently storming outside like I had not heard in years. Hang on, I need to get a water and the damn kitchen is half a house away.............  8-[  ............................... OK, I'm back, sorry about that, I opend the bottle and of course squeezed the damn thin thing a bit too much and spilled water on my hard wood floor in the theater which I walk partly through to get to my office.

 Where was I......?

 Oh well; damn that water is cold!.....Brrrr, made my fangs tingle. So as I said it is storming outside, the wind is howling and making my pool, which is already at capacity, wave like a tiny ocean. At this rate it will be spring before I can get my pool pump house roof coated. One thing I am going to do is change all the downspouts. Who ever came up with the idea of turning the spout tips at a 90deg from the drop so that even a tiny drop makes a hammering sound needs their head examined, as well as the person who set them up so they drain right next the foundation. Extending the house thought on the list of things to do is replace 31 windows with the ultimate goal of having 27 or less, double pained, low-E vinal vesions. Need to get the flagstone down in the back but that requires busting up the concrete around the pool and redoing the brick around the pool edges. Any good furry landscapers out there, carpenters too for that matter. Speaking of carpenters, I promised growl a fursuit room and need to get one built so back to any good furry carpenters?

 That brings up another random thought. I wonder if a furry service finder to match people with professionals that are furry would be of any use?  Suggestiosn, comments. No rocks please...

........................... Sorry, the neighborhood cat was outside my office door that leads to the pool and wanting to be petted. I let him in and of course he tracked little wet paw prints on my hard wood floor. We had a petting session which he totally controls where and how he gets petted before deciding to go exploring and ignore that I am even here...... Now he wants back out.... nope, he wants to stand in the door and watch the weather and freeze me to death..................................................................................... Finally, he decided to run to the neighbors when he heard them close a door after using me up.

Hang on...................

 I'm back; got hungry and ran back to the kitchen and got me a bowl of cerel. Lately my favorite is frosted mini-wheats. Growl keeps the house stocked to rivel the market itself but I tend to settle on a few things at a time and lately that has reduced further. Am I getting old? Does that make my butt look fat?

 Speaking of fat butts, Growl and Nills our roomy, are in the throws of getting new fursuits and bugging me to get mine started. Almost nightly dicsussions on what I think of this color and that head. I am just not into it at the moment with so many other things going, but it's kind of fun seeing how they work towards their final design........... No hon, I didn't say your butt was fat, it was just a segway to this random paragraph in a random post.  Anyone out there still reading? ...... . . . . .   .   .  .  H e l l o?

Speaking of segways, we were discussing drivers licenses with Shorty Dragon, our German friend, while at FC one evening and he told us using a Segway requires a type of license in Germany. They also have seperate licenses and ID cards there while they are intragrated here in California and I believe most of the United States.

Well I guess I can end this post with some real news...  We are fully registerd at NFC (NodicFuzzCon) just outside Stockholm Sweeden. {Did you know that Stockholm dates back as far as 8,000 BC?} We have our flights, and rooms. Just need to work out a few details of what else to see while there and the possibility of getting a local to be our tour guide.

Growl must be up by now so he can work out on the elipitcal and head to work, then I can have the Elipitcal to myself.

Cheers all.

Random Photo

Not sure why, but this is the most visited photo in my gallery.

Change in plans, welcome to my life...
As usual in our household we tossed everything up in the air and made a huge change in our travel plans last minuet. Stated in a past post we had decided not to go to EF due to an Alaskan cruse and Pac-Anthro con on either side of the EF month. I happened to be looking at flights to Stockholm for a trip to NordicFuzzCon next year but I could not see prices that far in advance. As an alternative I looked for this March to get an idea and the flights were so reasonable we started talking about going. With the help of our good friend Shorty we did some research last night and today and managed to score a nice room for the con. So in March we are heading for Stockholm, Sweden and NordicFuzzCon. Neither of us has been to Sweden so we extended the trip to two weeks to do some sightseeing.

I am quite excited about this.

Thank you Shorty and Aoroo for all your help.

Breaking the Magic
Just back from FC-2017, my first con in eight years I noticed a few things that has changed. I attribute most to changing times but one stands out; breaking the suiting magic, removing head or paws and revealing the human character beneath.

I saw this over fifty times at the con and had to edit my photos appropriately. This seems illogical to me as what's the purpose of becoming your character if you are going to destroy that illusion to all who may be watching? Speaking to a staff member of a European con they actually put a check box on the registration form that you understand that heads only come off in private. I thought this a great reminder of why we are here doing what we do, but it had quite the backlash and was removed. Also in European cons taking your head off in public usually means you are in distress as they do not expect that action for any other reason; more sound logic, at least to me.

I guess if your only wearing your suit to get someone in your bed or you in theirs you are not really interested in being a character, it's just an angle to get what you want. But to many, your selfishness destroys an illusion that gives them and those they entertain pleasure. It also makes them enjoy the whole experience of being with suitors less with the constant reminder that breaks their suspension of belief. For most suitors that character is who they are when in suit, they change personalities and physical movements to become the character. Being a suiter myself I totally understand the feeling of becoming something else and creating smiles on the people around me and have seen the negative reactions to headless suits walking around.

Please, show some courtesy to those who work so hard to become something new, exciting and different to make people smile. If your going to suit and unless your are in distress, please wait until you are in private to remove parts, and never walk around headless. Your many fellow suitors as well as those that you entertain will thank you for it.

FC 2017 The Last Day
We made it home; the drive went quite well. Just about unpacked and decided sit down for a few and post this.

Sunday out in suit again around 14:00 and wandered around the dealer's den; ended up buying a con badge. I am really surprised by how much they have gone up. After we cruised the open area at the bottom of the stairs to the dealers area and met people. It was amazing how many people walked up and said they knew me from years ago. People from Germany, and the UK, an old friend Angel Bunny and Shorty Dragon, Crosscheck, Bree, and many more I cannot remember. About 16:30 we were back at the hotel room de-suiting when Shorty messaged and we invited him over. We had a fantastic chat and he all but talked us into going to EF and a Swedish fur con I think these cons would be a lot of fun for 2018.

Later we suited again for the dance and thanks to Shorty for fixing my cane as I had already gotten into my suit. The dance music was terrible, it's just not something good for a suit and, call me old, but it's not dance music at all. We waited around for the next DJ to see if things changed and it only got worse. Fox McCloud tried to explain the music but it still made no sense and we all left for the room. growlcoon, Shorty, Nills and I sat around the room talking about the Euro cons and we asked so many questions. I think these are on the schedule for next year. About 1am we went to bed.

Monday, this morning, we got up around 07:30 and invited shorty over for breakfast. Again we had a great conversation and joked about the differences in how we call things until we had to check out. Shorty headed off and 30 minuets later were were packed and in the lobby where we met Bree and chatted while we waited on growl.

Now it's 15:16, the laundry is in the washer, and I need to unpack, clean and brush the suit for storage.

Would like to thank the FC staff for a relatively good con minus the music, the many friends of Radjin for honoring him with their greetings and one very cute and energetic mouse that was great fun to suit with.

All the photos we took can be found here.

Until the next con this is Radjin singing out of the FC con report...

A quick photo of the cute mouse that enticed the Dragon

Oh yes; Happy belated birthdays to foxbunny_ace and tora_prowler

FC 2017 Day 3 & 4
The weather has been beautiful, the temperature outside perfect if your in suit. I am rather glad we did not get into the Marriott as every day all day is a line to the elevator with rides to anywhere from anywhere 20-30 minuets. The Marriott is a hoppin place though, always something going on and people moving about. I suited almost everywhere so far except the party floor. Not sure the tail would fit in the packed rooms. The dance last night was disappointing at least with the first DJ as there was no consistent beat or song, no continuity to dance to. People would start to get into it, the music would drop the beat, people would kinda sway a little or leave the floor. Note to the DJ's, if the floor is not moving then do something different.

The parade was a bit of a cluster. While organized pretty well it quickly turned to chaos with suits coming and going through the same door. The route was good for showing off but getting out of the room took forever. If you are going to have 800 heat generators in a room with 678 wearing suits, please turn down the AC.

Speaking of the party floor, we tried every party and the Klingons have them all beat, paws down. Qapla'! growlcoon and I took the party floor tour and made two stops at the Klingons where growl partook in a Fizbin and a Volcana shot. He was lucky to make it back to the room on two feet. See his post on twitter.

We posted the photos on my site...

Have fun all...

FC Day One
A great drive over with lite traffic. Finding the hotel and getting checked in was a breeze with no one in line. The room is a bit small but comfy and we were able to get organized quickly. At 14:30 we headed over to registration for our badges. It's great to have a last name not as popular as I bypassed the line right to the front to meet UltraGor who quickly checked me in with the usual greetings and "YOU ARE BACK!" I was very glad to see him; brings back fun memories. Then we wandered around finding things and getting our schedule books. I must say the registration went very smoothly sternly controlled by the guy with a giant spoon. Much thanks to the staff for the great work there. We felt sorry for the people in the Marriott with power out and a half hour elevator ride.

Back at the room everything went so smoothly we decided to suit up and harass the registrants as a captive audience and take advantage of the lack of suits to have fun. We walked the con, doing more exploring. Waggs growlcoon was nosing around a room and got kicked out by a fox, BAD DOG! We met many great people and took lots of photos.

Later we suited up again and attended the opening ceremony and small dance, met more people, collected tons of hugs and found that the tail still is a magnet. I would like to thank all the nice people for the hugs, compliments and warm welcome. Also the con staff for what so far has been a fun place. Much thanks to Nilsyn for his efforts at making me so presentable.

We are in room 219 at the Hyatt in case you want to visit for the few moments we are not out suiting.

We will be at Fancy Friday celebrating our Anniversary so come by and say hello.

Have fun and be safe...

Happy birthday electropaw