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The words of a dragon

"Ask the universe, it knows everything"

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Engineer, Explorer, Pilot, Investor, and one big set of ears.

I love to converse with those who have something to say. Yes, that is a biased statement as it is subject to it being something that falls within the realm of my interest. I also have no problem just sitting quietly and listening; there is always something to learn, and you cannot do so while talking. I reply when there is something to reply to; it makes no sense to reply to a statement that does not entice such. I am a very limited attendee of politics in either country that I am a part; hence I rarely partake in such conversations.

Forever changing; I enjoy many things. Least of which are angsty people with all sorts of drama. I'm your best friend, or your worst enemy.
Most of all I value honor. If you don't have it, I don't know you.

This is a story of me, or maybe about who I was at one time. Mostly my posts will be about now, sometimes about the future, and rarely about the past.

More to come as I think of it...

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